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Our Story

Since 2004, Dimitrios has been working as a dentist in the UK. In 2013, he moved to Brighton to fulfil his dream of becoming a dentist

Since then, he has been on the hunt for the perfect time and place!

On September 2015, it was about the right time.

As for 39 Buckingham Road, this beautiful Edwardian building was irrefutably the perfect choice!



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Why Choose Us

Here at alphadentalcare we are extremely confident when it comes to our people skills which are coupled with clinical skills and qualfications. We are proud that we can offer a wide range of dental treatments, making our approach truly unique. Alphadentalcare by going the extra mile delivers without fail to all its patients the feel-good factor the minute they enter our facilities. So that the experience that you will be taking with you, will be with no doubt that of a warm and caring team that genuinely looks after you in solid confidence  We shall equip you with the defiitive knowledge  ,that away from our premises . you wiil be  equipped with the ability to  control your smile definitivelly minimising  the need for dental treatment for as long as you live.

We are here to provide our patients not only with healthy beautiful smiles, but also with the priceless core knowledge of the type of prevention that, will guarantee them to keep those smiles long lasting and as much away as possible from dental treatments !



​Our mission starts with you: caring, comfortable, and warm is how we make you feel throughout your visit with us. We want to ensure that your dental needs are met as best as possible as well as equipping you with practical knowledge and golden tips that will help you feel on top of your smile every day. At Alpha Dental Care, we take pride in offering excellent service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Throughout the entire procedure, you can expect excellent results thanks to our unique patient approach. Combined with the best modern techniques, good old-fashioned patient care is the foundation of what we do at our surgery. Fear of the dentist is something that we take very seriously. Whatever the reason of an individual to feel like this, we are equipped with the know-how of tuning in to the individual, personal fears and with a warm and calm, understanding and friendly approach we confidently reach out to them Regardless the source of the fear, we are equipped with the knowledge and ability to tune in to the individual's psyche and will approach them in a warm, calm, understanding, and friendly manner.


The treatment of anxious patience feels like more of a challenge than an obstacle, and we have been dealing with it for over 20 years. Our goal is to build a successful relationship with you by taking the time to listen and understand your treatment needs as well as your personality. This allows us to gain rather than expect your trust and confidence in the process.


Nominated 9 Consecutive Times
For Best Practice Treatment  For Nervous Patients

Regardless of why an individual feels like this, we are equipped to understand the individual and their fear regarding dentistry with a kind understanding and friendly approach. We are confident in our ability to reach out to anxious patients because we treat them as a challenge rather than a hurdle. There have been over 20 years of treating anxious patients, so we know what it takes to be successful.

It is our goal to discover your treatment needs, but also to know you as an individual, and to build our relationship with you and to care, rather than expecting your trust and confidence. 

The treatment of nervous patients is taken very seriously at our surgery, and anyone feeling this way is encouraged to come see us as soon as possible..

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