Tips for extra good parenting when it comes to keep your little angels teeth strong for ever!

Top Tips for Parents
  • Choose always a suitable toothbrush for your child’s age group, and never use for more than three months as the bristles get deformed and the brushing compromised.
  • Depending on your child’s ability to brush their teeth, always supervise for the following reasons: - to help them avoid swallowing excess of toothpaste.
    - to make sure that the appropriate time is spent brushing their teeth.
    - to make sure that they use the right technique when they are doing so.
  • Make sure they brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • It is vital that they don’t miss the evening brushing.
  • It is recommended that your kid has one sweet PER WEEK, as sugars and especially refined ones are in most of our day to day diet, so by giving to your kid more sugar, you multiply the chances of dental decay, especially when the weaker baby teeth are present but also for the adult ones.(just a tip: try not to name that chosen day a "treat day".remember, it's not a treat something that can lead to the dentists chair in this innocent age or in any age really!
  • Always use a straw when drinking anything but water, as this helps by keeping teeth away from acids and sugars that drinks may contain.
  • Don’t forget even sugar free squashes contain preservatives some of the form of acids that can wear your kids teeth.
  • Never brush your kids teeth after having eaten a citrus fruit, as this will speed up the teeth wear, instead wait a couple of hours before brushing or give milk or water to drink to counterbalance the acidic ph of the mouth.
  • 6 monthly visits to the dentist from the early age of 2 is recommended, this way they get comfortable with the environment.
  • Never discuss negative dental experiences in the presence of your child as this can cause unnecessary apprehension, always be positive about visiting the dentist to ensure your child is confident and comfortable about their visit.
  • Remember :kids won't be able to brush their teeth properly until approximately they reach the age to be able to do their shoe laces!!! - until then...give them the helping hand.