APRIL 2020 PRICES      
New Patient Examination     £75.00  
New Patient Emergency Treatment    £75-£150.00   
Routine Examination   £65.00 (free for P/Pmembers)
Hygiene Appointment  (currently unavailable)    £74.00  (free for P/Pmembers)
Registered Patient Emergency Treatment   £75.00  
Air Flow (currently unavailable)     £90.00  
Small Mouth X-Ray     £12.00  (free for P/Pmembers)
Fillings (15%-20% off for P/P members)      
Fissure Sealant for kids and teens/non-NHS     £45.00   
White composite Filling  From  £98.00   
Metal Filling (Amalgam) From  £91.00  
Root Canal Treatment      
Front Teeth (anterior) From  £330.00   
Side Teeth  (premolars)   From  £450.00   
Back Teeth  (molars) From  £520.00   
Caps(Crowns) (15%-20% off for P/P members)      
All porcelain cap-no metal   £615.00  
Porcelain fused to metal (inside)     £510.00  
Metal Cap Gold/Silver looking   £405.00  
All Gold Crown     £650.00  
Plates (Dentures) (15%-20% off for P/P members)      
Plastic (Acrylic/) Full From  £850.00  
Plastic (Acrylic) Partial   From  £550.00  
Metal Plate(Chrome/Cobalt )   From  £985.00  
Valplast Flexi/New generation Material   From  £990.00  (excluded P/P membership)
Extractions (15%-20% off for P/P members)      
Simple Extraction  not requiring bone removal) From £99.00  
Surgical Extraction  From £215.00  
Tooth Whitening      
Home Whitening    £470.00  
Zoom Whitening (chair side)   £380.00  
Combination of both    £750.00  
Teeth Straightening- Inman Aligner (6-8 weeks)  From  £1,950.00  
Smile make overs consultation  Free Free  
Cosmetic treatment consultation  Free Free  
PDO Threads consultation   Free Free  
Dental Implants consultation   Free Free  


*All prices are guide prices and to be confirmed upon consultation*

**All private appointments missed without at least 24 hours notice will be charged**

***Practice Plan members are not charged PPE Fees, which is currently set to £15.00 for non-drill needing procedures and £35.00 for drill needing procedures