Our Little Story

The make of Alpha Dental Care

Dimitrios has been working as a dentist in UK since 2004, and his quest for making his dream true , brought him to Brighton in 2008.

Since then ,he has been constantly looking to find the right time and the right place !

So, on September 2015 it was just about the right time.

The Edwardian building at 39 Buckingham Road on the other hand, was without argument, the right place!

Our Mission

Because you see ,here ...at Alpha dental care ,statements like:"excellent service in a relaxed personal and friendly environment "have a true meaning!

We are confident that our unique patient approach will guarantee you ,outstanding results throughout the whole process of your experience with us.

We have the foundation of good old-fashioned patient care, coupled with, modern techniques that guarantee the best result.

Why Choose Us?

We, the team of alphadentalcare, are confident almost in an extreme level,when it comes to our people skills which are coupled with clinical skills and qualifications.

This is the real reason that we pride ourselves that we can offer an airy of unique dental treatment in a way that makes our approach extraordinary.

For us at alphadentalcare the extra mile in the provision of our services to you translates as the "feel-good" factor once you have walked out our building.

So that the experience that you will be taking with you, will be with no doubt that of, a warm and caring team that genuinely looked after you and solid confidence that , away from our premises , you are equipped with the power and the knowledge that you can be in control of your smile too!

Happy patients are the ones that once that the treatment is done, we will show the way to need as little care as possible and with maximum effectiveness , guaranteed ways to minimise the need for dental treatment for as long as they live.

To provide our patients ,not only with healthy beautiful smiles, but also with the priceless core knowledge of the type of prevention that, will guarantee them to keep those smiles long lasting and as much away as possible from dental treatments !

Our Approach

It all starts with you in the centre of our mission: caring, comfortable, and warm , is how we will make you feel throughout your visit with us

We aim not only to fulfil your dental needs to the most effective and esthetic level ,but also to equip you with every day knowledge ,and golden tips that will make you feel on top of your smile!

Because you see ,here ...at Alpha dental care ,statements like:"excellent service in a relaxed personal and friendly environment "have a true meaning!

Our Most-wanted-to-Help Patient Group :Nervous patients

At alpha dental care the fear of the dentist is something that we take very seriously and even more seriously we take when our patient feel as such

Whatever the reason of an individual to feel like this, we are equipped with the know-how of tune -in ,to the individual personal fears that are connected with dentistry and with the warm and calm, understanding and friendly way we can be confident in reaching out to them

Feeling more like a challenge than any obstacle we have dealt for over 10 years with treatment of anxious patients.

We take time and LISTEN and discover your treatment needs, but also you as an individual , building this way our relationship with you and earning rather than expecting your TRUST and CONFIDENCE!